10 Types of Pre-Schoolers Your Child Will Meet This Year

With the new school year in September, there are a lot of toddlers who, like my littlest child, will be following their bigger siblings and starting playschool or daycare. Its now been three years since my first son started at his wonderful playschool, so I have an inckling of what to expect when we enrol … More 10 Types of Pre-Schoolers Your Child Will Meet This Year

The In-Laws (Re)Visit

We’ve now been in the new house for a whole month. It’s been four (Or is it five?) solid weeks of unpacking, hanging and folding, unwrapping, stacking and then shuffling. We’ve spent whole afternoons recycling the endless empty boxes, and agonized over finding cupboard space for towels and winter coats, tablecloths and outgrown baby gear. … More The In-Laws (Re)Visit

The water table

A few weeks before we moved to the new house, the hubs and I bought a fancy new outdoor toy for the boys. It’s a large water and sand table complete with a sunbrella to keep those sweet little heads out of the sun and lots of fun toys for floating, digging and pouring. It … More The water table